Towers’ crafting

Middle-aged man in a hard hat and with a tablet in his hand, went around the new tower probably for 15th time, carefully checking something with the tablet. Finally he nodded with satisfaction. And walked to the terminal with heaps of some buttons and levers. Began to click quickly on them. A few minutes later a young man in a power suit came into the Hangar. He nodded hello to the engineer and went directly to the tower. He stopped in a few feet from it, turned to the engineer and gave him the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. The man behind the control panel nodded and began to switch something on the console. After a few clicks, one could hear a strange din. It seemed that the source of the sound was the base of the tower. But after a few more seconds, the suit became to shine more brightly and it was clear that the buzz comes from it.

The engineer raised his head and said:
— All indices are in normal state, synchronization with the tower was successful. Check vital signs and indices of the suit.
The subject took the device and displayed the system information:
— Doc, what the devil? I have 146% of health and half as much of armor. It looks like your system is buggy.
— It’s Ok. The complex tower at the same time increases the indices of life and armor. In a short time the installation and upgrade of such towers will be available to the recruits too.
— Hmm.. it means.. Well, what do I need for it? And will I be able to install it?
— Not quite. You can install the base for the tower, and after add some elements. Each of them will increase one of your parameters. For instance, armor, health or power charges for destroying asteroids.
— Ok. I’ll sort it out by ear… What more must I do?
— Nothing. Young man, thank you for your cooperation. At the exit you will be paid the promised sum. Goodbye!

The engineer pressed a few buttons and the buzz disappeared. The suit of the subject stopped shine and now was working in normal mode.