There were piles of papers, notepads, some chips and components strewn on the table. The man, sitting at this table, stared thoughtfully at the ceiling, leaning back in his chair. There was a feeling that his thoughts were somewhere far away. The office was empty and only the noise of several computers suppressed a feeling of loneliness.
Someone knocked at the door. The man raised his head, even by force of habit would sit up straight, but then changed his mind and leaned back in his chair:
“Yes?” He forced himself to assume a cheerful air.
“Hello,” a skinny lad of 27, with black eyes and a bit fanatical look crossed the thresholdна. “Well, have we got a transmitter of substance? When will we be able to run tests in general access?”
“Yes, yes. Good day. Everything is ready. But I do not really understand how we will use this technology. And indeed why so valuable developments we give primarily to the recruits?”
“Well, you know how our leaders take care of supply of private soldiers. And the interaction between the employees, according to the analytical department, should increase the efficiency of employees more than 2 times.”
“I still do not understand. Does the transfer of some details and objects can significantly improve the performance of the employees?”
“I think we should not discuss the pros and cons of teamwork of the employees”, the lad sighed wearily. It was not for the first time when the scientists do not understand the necessity of their developments. But today he really didn’t want to to go into details retelling the entire structure and statistics. “Let’s do it. And then we will look at the statistics. I wondering myself whether the extras were right.”
“Hmm… Perhaps you’re right, but do not forget to show me the statistics.”
“Ok. Please, make the functional description and send me to email. The new devices are ready. I have to talk with the leaders today. Well, see you.”
“Yeah”, the man did not listened to anything and was quickly pressing the buttons.

The guy came out, slammed the door and went down the long hallway to the elevator as fast as he could. Near the lift his phone made some nasty 8-bit sound. The lad took out a fashionable and expensive phone, which had nothing in common with the look of the guy and with the sounds coming from that very phone. Quickly glancing at the screen, he nodded with satisfaction, smiled with the corners of the lips and went into the elevator.

From: Informational support Department of Crystal Rain
Subject: Description of the functional of interaction between employees and remote transmission of tangible assets.
To: Head of the Department of Innovation

Good day! We inform you of the availability of software for the transmitter of substance.
Main functions:
1. Ability to send 1000 crystals to new device
2. Daily possibility to send up to 5 energy charges and up to 100 crystals of each color (total number of transfers may not exceed 10 times per day)
3. Opportunity to send unique items (not more than 5 per day)
4. Opportunity to send requests for unique items
5. Opportunity to synchronize with a personal dossier of the player and to transfer the information about the player to his colleagues
6. Opportunity to save and to add to the radar other players with whom there is an interaction during the work

These options are available in the latest version. By agreement with the leaders, the functional can be changed or added.