Combat system

It is fun… there is smoke near my hand, as if I’m holding a cigarette, though I stopped smoking several years ago. The smoke could be seen because of windless weather. This smoke… it is strange. And where is its source? We shoot with charges of clean energy, and smoke is the product of the process of burning something, or something like that, I do not remember exactly… The scientists, or whatever they are called, who increase morale of soldiers, may be again created something to impart beauty and affectedness… In any case, this smoke looked pompous: I immediately remembered action films and westerns in which the main character shot a helluva lot of enemies. I can honestly say that I didn’t feel that I am of such a sort… Quite the contrary: practice, proper diet, practice, sleep, practice, combat missions, just like practice. To tell the truth, sometimes I didn’t even know, whether I have a combat mission or practice. And today… what the hell? Why am I in the costume and the gravity mode is still working? There are no asteroids for 15 minutes, and my energy level is at the zero point…
I sat on the platform, lowering my feet down. Around me there was a lake for a few miles around. The old army habit — to see all around. For today all goals were achieved, I would say even exceeded. In the backpack there were crystals of more than 1,000 carats, the letter about the implementation of urgent job were sent to the corporate e-mail of the curator an hour ago. But there was something I didn’t like, it seemed, I forgot or did something the wrong way… Maybe you know a state when everything seems to be fine, but something goes wrong… That’s just such the state bothered me at the moment. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I had an overwhelming desire to take off the shoes and put my feet in the water. I probably would have done it if the red dot has not appeared on the radar, quickly approaching me. It was strange… before there were only green, blue and yellow dots… what was it?
Well, naturally clever ideas come late! And I did not immediately realize that I could open the library of Crystal Rain and read what these red dots mean and what for I need them. The first thing that I noticed, or rather heard, was the sound of energy cannons hitting the asteroid. After that, I felt a strong enough jolt to the chest. Hmm, looks like someone activated the gravity mode and I was hit by the asteroid. I jumped up and began spinning, trying to determine the side from which the asteroids flew. No one to be seen. Then I felt another sharp jolt to the back, quickly moving throughout the body, and I fainted smoothly… And my last thought was very strange: Damn, it must rotten to people who are hit by electric shock.
…I found myself in the same place, and even managed not to fall off the platform. On the screen of my device I found the unread message from Crystal Rain. At first, I almost dropped the platform to the water and washed. Then listened to my feelings and felt an extraordinary lightness in the body. Hmm, okay I’ll deal with this lightness later… what was in the letter?

Crystal rain corp.
Attention to all soldiers! Obligatory to be read!
For the reason that some of the recruits appropriate crystals from the Corporation, all soldiers are allowed to obtain crystals by any means, including withdrawing them from the other recruits.

It’s a scream! It means I was just buncoed… seems I’m starting to understand why I feel the lightness in the body… I opened the backpack: my suspicions confirmed — instead of 1256 crystals, I found only about 1000. The “soldier” seemed to be in a hurry while taking my crystals, so he was able to open only one pocket of the backpack. Well… as they do with us, we will do with them the same way… We will take away the crystals too.